Monday, March 9, 2009

A Fun Weekend

This meeting will come to order.

Well, this was a fun and profitable weekend for me. We had our poker party Saturday evening. We had 15 adventureous souls who came to eat, drink and play. The weather was beautiful so we had our casino on the patio. It did get chilly as the evening waned but the competition kept things warm. When all was said and done, I won 2nd place! This was quite a feat since I haven't won in like 2 years! I always have fun when we play, but winning is definitely an upper!

A few members of this commitee, Walker and Bubbles were present, along with a few that will be members in the near future. There is a wedding in the offing for one of our friends, so the discussion of all things wedding was on tap. Seems strange that one us middle of life women is getting married. She is so happy and excited, it's like she is 25 all over again!

Sunday was a 3rd birthday party for DSO's grandaughter. The usual bouncy thing in the backyard with cake, ice cream and presents galore. She is a beautiful little girl, the apple of her papa's eye and she had a terrific time.

This week appears to be more of the usual. Work and maintain the self.

So, until next time, this meeting is adjorned

Commitee Chairwoman