Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This meeting will come to order.

I haven't done anything worth posting in the last week. The week-end was quiet and this week has been too. I did get my car into the body shop to get the wrinkled panel ironed out. That will take a few days.

This weekend should be fun. One of the soon to be, Estrogen members is getting married in April and there is a party for her Saturday evening. Walker and I will be attending. Food, drink, and laughter will be the menu for the evening.

Other than that, no new business to report.

Until next time, this meeting is adjorned

Commitee Chairwoman

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Fun Weekend

This meeting will come to order.

Well, this was a fun and profitable weekend for me. We had our poker party Saturday evening. We had 15 adventureous souls who came to eat, drink and play. The weather was beautiful so we had our casino on the patio. It did get chilly as the evening waned but the competition kept things warm. When all was said and done, I won 2nd place! This was quite a feat since I haven't won in like 2 years! I always have fun when we play, but winning is definitely an upper!

A few members of this commitee, Walker and Bubbles were present, along with a few that will be members in the near future. There is a wedding in the offing for one of our friends, so the discussion of all things wedding was on tap. Seems strange that one us middle of life women is getting married. She is so happy and excited, it's like she is 25 all over again!

Sunday was a 3rd birthday party for DSO's grandaughter. The usual bouncy thing in the backyard with cake, ice cream and presents galore. She is a beautiful little girl, the apple of her papa's eye and she had a terrific time.

This week appears to be more of the usual. Work and maintain the self.

So, until next time, this meeting is adjorned

Commitee Chairwoman

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's been an average week. Work, home, cook. Altho, last night I had the pleasure of the company of my daughter. We went for sushi and then to my favorite Asian market here in the desert. She is a terrific cook and seems to lean toward Asian cooking. This was just the place for her. I think she had a great time and she was cute to watch. (She thought it was Disney Land). She has five chillians and a hubby who are very lucky. Dinner is never boring.

Just for clarification, I have a daughter and a son (to be monikered later), 7 grandchillians (and no, I'm not 85) a son-in-law, a spousal equivalent,(DSE) who has a daughter and a son, each with chillians. Family, we have lots of.

Tonite I'm spending a few hours with my BFF, Walker. It will be cocktail time and we need to chat. It's been too long between gab fests.

Tomorrow evening it is poker, Texas Hold 'em style, at our abode. We have a group that party’s together and this is one of the funner ways we party. We take turns hosting these little soirees and tomorrow is our turn. It's pot luck and the food is always great. (For me, usually better than my poker luck). Some of the Committee will be in attendance so a good time is insured.

Sunday is a B-day party for the youngest grandchile of DSE. She will be 3 and is darling.

So it’s a full week-end. Hope yours is fun and safe.

Til next meeting

Committee Chairwoman

Friday Morning Special Session-Meet the Commitee

I thought I'd start out by introducing the Estrogen Commitee.

A couple of years ago, 8 of us over 45ers (except Poppy, she is our mascot baby) decided to take a girl trip to LA. Much fun, laughing, roller coasters and alcohol ensued and we became (in my mind) the Estrogen Committe. The membership is as follows: Walker, Jose,Taquila Rose, Lizzie, Harley, Poppy, Bubbles and I'm Goose. These members will pop up here and there and I will be adding additional members as I go along. There is no membership fee (except the ability to laugh at yourself, like a cocktail and good conversation).

Every one of these women is special and dear to my heart. They are all strong, resilient and compassionate people who truly care about each other and I love them for it.

So, if you don't have an Estrogen Commitee of your own, our membership has plenty of room for you. Don't be a stranger, make yourself known!

Commitee Chairwoman

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello Blogworld

The first meeting of the Estrogen Commitee shall come to order.

I am a longtime lurker and a sporatic commentor. I have decided to come out of hiding and spread my wings.

In the future I will try to keep these meetings light, airy and sometimes funny. Hope to see you at the next one!

Commitee Chairwoman